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Hello, welcome to my page. What I most want you to know is that the family life you dreamed of – the one where smiling parents gaze lovingly at their children on bus stop ads or tv commercials – is available to you.  Whether you are expecting your first or already raising a family.

The journey to it might not be what you imagined. It’s not about having a dazzling career or a picture perfect home. It involves  having the courage to take a deep look at yourself and learn to heal the small hurts we all carry around.

I know this because I’ve been there. Visited the depths of despair and emerged as a different person. Not a perfect one but one capable of great joy and love everyday. I would love to help you to have this too so that you can fall in love over and over again with your partner and child.

I’m here for you to guide you on this journey; either on a one to one basis or via my online courses or book.

If you would like some help, support or just to chat call me on 07507523163 or email

We parent best when we are “non-stressed and non-depressed” [Gabor Mate]



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It’s extremely eye opening and enriching the pregnancy for me, because it’s a chance to really delve into the process of myself becoming a parent. It’s really helping me shape my thoughts into becoming ready for the baby and for myself! I really appreciate your words and approach.
Hannah Kells

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Nina is motivated to share what she has learned from her own journey and from influential researchers in the field of parenting such as Gabor Mate, John Gottman and Marshall Rosenburgh.