The most important journey you will ever take...

.... prepare for the adventure of parenting.

An inspiring course to prepare you for the wonderful journey of parenting!

“Journey into Parenting” takes the form of an eight week course to prepare you for the life changing adventure of becoming a parent.

There are so many choices involved in becoming a new parent, around babywearing, feeding, sleeping arrangements and we may have to navigate conflicting opinions from those around us. Our aim is to help you become better informed and present the latest neuroscientific discoveries.

We parent best when we are “non-stressed and non-depressed” [Gabor Mate]. We would like to provide you with the tools to integrate excellent self care practices and overcome blocks/resistance to this. This will lead to the kind of attunement our children really thrive on.



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It’s extremely eye opening and enriching the pregnancy for me, because it’s a chance to really delve into the process of myself becoming a parent. It’s really helping me shape my thoughts into becoming ready for the baby and for myself! I really appreciate your words and approach.
Hannah Kells

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Picture of a mother and child in a field

Nina is motivated to share what she has learned from her own journey and from influential researchers in the field of parenting such as Gabor Mate, John Gottman and Marshall Rosenburgh.