How I Help

Supporting Families to Thrive

Nurture Lounge for parents and babies up to 18 months.

Festival chill style parents group in Bristol every week. Click here to book.


Day retreat in beautiful surroundings to help you prepare you for the adventure of parenting. Click here to book.

Becoming a parent can be blissful, it can be a source of depth and meaning. Caring more about another being than you care about yourself is a profound experience. It is also one of the biggest life transitions you will ever go through. Actively processing the thoughts and feelings which arise make it much more likely that you will be ready to love and enjoy time with your baby.  Learning to connect deeply with your child and enjoy a full and rich life together.

How I Help

In addition to the workshops and regular meet ups above I can offer:

One to One Support – call me on 07507523163 to book a free consulatation or email

The Book – an easy to read guide to parenting preparation. Order your copy here.


With a background in aerial acrobatics Nina launched her own circus theatre company in 2010 as a newly single mum. The circus community has always been a place where children were integrated into the lifestyle allowing her to avoid the sense of isolation which many new mums face and maintain a strong sense of purpose and identity.

Nina has an MA in Philosophy from the University of St Andrews and is a qualified Steiner Teacher. She has a passion for finding the best ways to live. “We teach what we most need to learn”. Nina has had to go through a deep process of transformation, effectively reparenting herself while raising a child. “It has been an incredibly difficult journey but the process has given me a strong sense of what it takes to be emotionally well.”

Nina is motivated to share what she has learned from her own journey and from influential researchers in the field of parenting such as Gabor Mate, John Gottman, Marshall Rosenburgh and Sue Gerhardt.

Course Content

The beginning

Picture of a baby sleeping

There are so many choices involved in becoming a new parent, around babywearing, feeding, sleeping arrangements and we may have to navigate conflicting opinions from those around us. Our aim is to help you become better informed and present the latest neuroscientific discoveries.

Emotional intelligence

Mother and child playing

Learn how to raise emotionally intelligent children. 

Based on Professor John Gottman’s “emotional coaching” approach help your child to name, validate and handle their emotions as well as providing opportunities to bond with our child.

Self Care

Mother and daughter making a scrapbook

We parent best when we are “non-stessed and non-depressed” [Gabor Mate]. We would like to provide you with the tools to integrate excellent self care practices and overcome blocks or resistance to this. This will lead to the kind of attunement our children really thrive on.

The course includes:

Our classes are designed to create a fun and effective learning environment come away from the session feeling uplifted and inspired.

Work with us

If you are passionate about positive parenting, self motivated, and looking for flexible working hours to fit in with family life then we can provide all of the skills and training you need to run your own successful business.