Journey into Parenting – With Support

Expectant mum

Becoming a parent is a major life transition. Acknowledging it as such and making space to let go of aspects of your life as a non-parent helps you to become emotionally ready for having a child.

We all need somebody to lean on.....

This package includes one to one support in the form of two half hour phone calls. Nina will be in touch to arrange these when you enrol.

In addition an 8 week course to guide you through a step by step process to help you prepare for what is ahead. Includes what neuroscientists tell us is the best way to raise happy confident children and how design a life which supports you in this process.

Module 1 Dreaming of Your Future
Unit 1 A Time of Transition
Unit 2 Workbook
Module 2 Love Your Child, Love Yourself
Unit 1 Self Knowledge
Unit 2 Workbook
Module 3 Gentle Parenting
Unit 1 Communicate to Thrive
Unit 2 Workbook
Module 4 The First Six Weeks
Unit 1 Bonding With Your Newborn
Unit 2 Workbook
Module 5 Growing and Flowing Together
Unit 1 Finding Your Way
Unit 2 Workbook
Module 6 Relationships
Unit 1 The Art of Love
Unit 2 Workbook
Module 7 Navigating Order and Chaos
Unit 1 This is Where We Are Most Alive
Unit 2 Workbook
Module 8 An Integrated Life
Unit 1 Lifestyle Design
Unit 2 Workbook
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