Journey into Parenting – Foundations

Baby shoes

Becoming a parent is a major life transition. Acknowledging it as such and making space to let go of aspects of your life as a non-parent helps you to become emotionally ready for having a child.

An 8 week course to guide you through a step by step process to help you prepare for what is ahead. Includes what neuroscientists tell us is the best way to raise happy confident children and how design a life which supports you in this process.

Module 1 Dreaming of Your Future
Unit 1 A Time of Transition
Unit 2 Workbook  - Preview
Module 2 Love Your Child, Love Yourself
Unit 1 Self Knowledge
Unit 2 Workbook
Module 3 Gentle Parenting
Unit 1 Communicate to Thrive
Unit 2 Workbook
Module 4 The First Six Weeks
Unit 1 Bonding With Your Newborn
Unit 2 Workbook
Module 5 Growing and Flowing Together
Unit 1 Finding Your Way
Unit 2 Workbook
Module 6 Relationships
Unit 1 The Art of Love
Unit 2 Workbook
Module 7 Navigating Order and Chaos
Unit 1 This is Where We Are Most Alive
Unit 2 Workbook
Module 8 An Integrated Life
Unit 1 Lifestyle Design
Unit 2 Workbook
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